Laplace M

By ZlongGames

Laplace M Laplace M Laplace M Laplace M Laplace M

In the romantic adventure game with the open world of Laplace M, you will plunge into the medieval world of Laplace full of magic. The trouble is approaching and you need to appear as a valiant warrior. Choose the class you prefer. Be it a magician, an assassin, a warrior or a cleric. Protect your comrades and defeat the devil to get the epic equipment.

Game features:

  • Summon pets to help you in a card duel. You can also seal pets in soul cards and insert them into your equipment, thereby strengthening it.
  • Create a family or find friends. In the world of Laplace, you can go on a date.
  • Build a cozy home or luxury estate, plant wheat. Prepare various delicacies and sell them to visitors.

You can download the game Laplace M for Android on our website.