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Gardenscapes Gardenscapes Gardenscapes Gardenscapes Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes is a client game for smartphones and tablets, created in the Internet simulator genre. Playing it, you can have a great time. Its meaning in the search for things and the passage of various quests. The game is distributed for free, but it has some elements that can be purchased for real money.

Gardenscapes game takes place in the garden, where many different mysteries and mysterious places. The main objective of this simulator is to search for items that are disguised so that they are very difficult to find. They are hidden in many different rooms of a very large house. In the process of passing the game the user will receive a variety of hints. If you do not use them, then after completing the level you can get a lot more points. Earn coins can be used to purchase various improvements, as well as they can be spent on restoring the garden, located near the mansion.

In order to bring the estate to a presentable form, you will have to work very hard, because after receiving it from the grandfather it is in a very poor condition. No decent mansion is complete without a butler. In the game Gardenscapes, the butler Austin helps to get acquainted with the management and main features of the game. The first advice he will give for the restoration of the estate will be the analysis of old things that are lying around the mansion and the adjacent garden. This is necessary to get points for the further development of the estate. After collecting items will need to arrange a big sale and sell them. Thanks to this, the player will be able to receive the necessary amount in order to purchase the necessary decorative elements, as well as various improvements. You can use your imagination and creative abilities so that the garden and the mansion will get an attractive look and become the most beautiful in the vicinity. The game has done a lot of work on the appearance of the estate, as well as a detailed image of various items. This can be seen in a brilliantly recreated rural setting. Also the pleasant atmosphere of the game increases unobtrusive music that plays in the background.

The features of the game include:

1. Convenient gameplay used by thousands of players around the world. The ability to decorate your estate using various combinations.

2. A huge number of bright and colorful levels with great bonuses. There is also a gift for the daily entry into the game.

3. A fascinating story and competition with other game users around the globe. There is also the possibility of launching colored fireworks.

4. The original layout of various levels, from the maze to the park with dinosaurs.

5. A variety of design options, from the tropics to the oasis or the wild west.

6. The presence of a variety of cute characters.

7. Remarkable pets, a cat, a horse and a funny puppy.

Opinions of users about this game are different. Some people write that they cannot go beyond the one hundredth level, and that the game is pumping out money, but most people like the game. Many have passed more than three thousand levels, while not paying more than one ruble. A large number of players notes that the game is well developed.

For those people who love the genre of games associated with the search for various items, familiarity with this game is necessary. It contains a very large number of interesting tasks. Decorating your estate with various items will allow the user to take first place in the competition for the most beautiful garden.

You can download the game Gardenscapes for Android on our website.